About SavvyGirl & Company

SavvyGirl & Company was started by me, Cydney in 2002.  My source of inspiration to begin SavvyGirl was a new little baby girl named Savannah that I just couldn't leave.  It was then, I knew it was time for me to put my creativity into action and go back to my love of fashion, jewelry and creating. 

At SavvyGirl, WE LOVE JEWELRY! Of course we do, it's a borderline obsessive kind of love.  We love getting creative, having fun with each jewelry design and making each piece unique, beautiful and a little sassy.

Designing and creating an ALL ORIGINAL PIECE is the best reward I can think of. We love to make all of our SavvyGirl customer's truly happy, especially when they go to put on their SavvyGirl Jewelry. And, honestly, who doesn't love a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry that has been customized and created just for you!

Join  us Monday - Friday where you will find our featured pieces of the week.  And, remember to check in on the weekend for an occasional "Saturday Surprise. We guarantee your eyes will LOVE what they see!

SavvyFoods is where we feature our best and most delightful family recipes.  I am so thankful that I come from a family who has a love and passion for great food and awesome cooking -- my sisters, mom and friends are a huge help in contributing to this fun.  Many recipes even date back to my Grandmother's time in the kitchen.  It's alot of fun and we thank heaven for amazing FOOD!

SavvyGirl Favorites & Finds features my love of fashion and favorite finds that lead us to help keeping you in the "KNOW" about the latest and greatest in the shopping and fashion world!

I love working with my SavvyGirl Clients and thank you for making us apart of your daily accessories!!
We appreciate your decision to purchase Handmade!

What Inspires Me - Family

I am one lucky girl to be married to Damon, a US Naval Officer and thankfully, I have the absolute blessing to be a mom to two sweet and wonderful little girls.  It may seem like I am always creating and while my brain is constantly swirling with ideas (it never quits), I say thank goodness for compartmentalizing and the need for a healthy balance in life!  

From Sun up to Sun down, I am in mom-mode with my girls and loving every minute of my life, volunteering in schools, planning the next meal, working with my church, constantly talking and planning with my sweet sisters and dear friends and standing on the side-lines cheering and agonizing over soccer games and Damon's races; sports are a huge part of our lives.

When all is said and done, at the end of each day, I am thankful for my many blessings and so happy to give thanks for my faith, good health, a loving and supportive family and the opportunity of living in sunny California.

Enjoy your life, It's meant to be Enjoyed!

What Inspires Me - COLOR
I love color and love what color does to my soul. I crave it and love everything about it!  Color definitely plays a huge part in how  I create our jewelry.  I feel color is an expression of who we are as people.

"The whole world, as we experience it visually, comes to us
through the mystic realm of color."

By: Hans Hofmann

What Goes Into a SavvyGirl Original?

You may have noticed this label on all of our pieces. These pieces are researched, designed and handmade by SavvyGirl & Co. When you receive your package in the mail, AKA your very own  "Happy Mail" you can rest assure that I have taken all of the steps in making sure you have something that is unique, different, beautiful and timeless.  

Our stones, genuine crystals, pearls and silver come from all over the world as far as China, Bali and in the hills of the Karen Tribe in Thailand. I am also thankful for my local vendors from Seattle, Texas, New York, Los Angeles and San Diego these people are my dear friends who help me out on a regular basis. I love to work with all kinds of stones and pearls.  My personal favorites are Turquoise, Quartz, Jade, Jasper, Amazonite, Red Coral and of course Pearls (any and all kinds will do).

I take great pride in making sure each piece has a genuinely unique personality and that you will be beyond thrilled with your purchases. Diane is a friend of mine and one day she was shopping in Pottery Barn wearing a SavvyGirl Original and the sales associate at Pottery Barn told her that the necklace she was wearing made her "Happy." That is best compliment I could ever have received, and we want all of your pieces to make you happy as well.

Get each piece of SavvyGirl jewelry while it's HOT and don't wait too long if you have your eye on something special!  If a piece is marked as SOLD, still feel free to contact me for possible availability!


***All Current Pieces are a part of our artists 2007/2008/2009/2010 
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