Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vernazza -- Necklace - SOLD


Vernazza!  This week's pieces all carry a name from one of my favorite places in Italy, the Cinque Terre ( aka: Five Towns), it's the Italian version of the French Riviera.  Have you been there?  If not, add it to your bucket list of "must-see" places in life.  It's wonderful - Scroll to the bottom of this post to view our inspiration!

Vernazza is made from genuine iridescent charcoal freshwater biwa pearls and accented with a .925 Sterling Silver dial pendant.  16" long with a 1.5" sterling silver extender.

**Thank you for all of your patience this past year as we settled into a new whole new world - literally. Italy is a wonderful place however, there has been a huge learning curve to making it all work. The balance has been ALOT.

However, I am happy to jump back into my world of jewelry and I hope you enjoy a few new creations. For now, my plan is to post new pieces weekly. I would love to hear from you so, just say hi when you have a chance and know that I have missed my SavvyGirl Friends! Hope to talk with you soon.

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Monterosso - Necklace SOLD

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You know I can't go a season without doing a new Sea Star! I love these pieces.  Monterosso, will easily transition from beach season into the Fall season for a great year round collectible.  Made from charcoal labradorite, freshwater pearls, silver accents, crystals and more.  It's a beautiful piece and will work day or night.

16" with a 2" extender

Corniglia - Necklaces SOLD

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Corniglia, made from genuine white freshwater biwa pearls.  They lay so beautifully on the neckline that I think these are a must for a cute and sassy everyday look or if you need to dress up your day, this piece is perfect.  It's mixed with sterling silver accents and a fabulous dark and azure blue pendant from Brazil - also known as Brazilian agate.  Hope you enjoy this one.

16" with a 1.5" extender

Riomaggiore - Necklace SOLD

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One of my all time favorites as it's both versatile and exquisite.
We love these dreamy light golden biwa pearls mixed with our .925 Sterling silver fiori (Flower in Italian).   This is a perfect piece for keeping that neutral look yet easily dressed up for a night on the town.

16" with a 2" extender

Manarola - Necklace SOLD

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A little more on the rustic side but so fresh and fun for that simple and easy look! Perfect with a T-shirt, jeans and boots (or if you are like me, flip-flops will do just fine).

Made from genuine turquoise and accented with a copper pendant (about 1/2" in diameter)

16" long with a 1.5" extender


The Cinqe Terre - Inspiration for This Week's Pieces

 Riomaggiore, Town #1, the view from our window. I never tire of seeing the daily laundry.  Love it!
 Riomaggiore's waterfront and fishing dock.  Life is quiet and simple in these great little towns.
 Looking up into Manarola, Town #2
My girls loved these rocks for jumping into the Sea - no need for diving boards when you have cool rocks like these, right?
 After climbing up 385 steps, you enter the town of Corniglia, Town #3. Only one way up and one way down.  
 Leaving Corniglia and connecting through a 2 mile hike to our next town.
 Entering town #4, Vernazza!  My personal favorite of the 5 towns.  It was over the top charming, the best Focaccia bread in the world and a Sicilian baker who can make one delicious Cannolli and fabulous fresh fruit slushies.
 I wanted to take one home with me.....
 Me and my girlies hanging out on our favorite beach in Vernazza
 I do love how the Italians just enjoy their lives and spend alot of time talking - the everyday scene from out our front window.
Leaving the Cinque Terre with many fond memories and a hope that one day we will return.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Valley Isle -- Necklace $39.00

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We LOVe this rustic and simple piece.  It's so cute and different from our usual look.
Just a single strand of genuine turquoise and amber.  It's so much fun and brings such great color to any outfit.

16" with a 2" extender.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Holidays from SavvyGirl

Buon Natale e` Felice Anno Nuovo!

Happy Holidays to our Favorite SavvyGirl Friends and Family!

I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.  I have been thinking of you and hope you are doing well.  I really wanted to say hello and let you know that I missed not connecting with you these past few months.

I know you have not seen much from SavvyGirl and I apologize but do appreciate your patience as I have been working hard in other areas of my life to get our family settled into our new environment, culture, "trying" to learn a new language, schools and daily life.

I really hope to have some beautiful Italian creations for you by Valentine's Day!
I will let you know when they arrive.

While my husband has an intense travel schedule, we were blessed with a fun family adventure to France over the Thanksgiving Holiday and two of my dreams came to true, which was to see the Eiffel Tower and to have hot chocolate in a corner cafe along the Seine River. It was like a child in a candy store.

Again, my best wishes to you and if you do see something up that you like or are interested in, I am set up for shipping and will be happy to mail a "little happy mail" out your way!

Love, SavvyGirl (aka Cydney)
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rosebud Rustica -- Necklace SOLD

Wow, this piece has style! 
And, it has the perfect uniquneness to add into your accessory collections. 

The rustic comes from the not so perfect etching and stackable nature of the stones.  It's a cool look and one that can definitely be dressed up or down.
Made from genuine carved rosebud turquoise.
16" with a 2" extender
(the color is more in the seafoam green tones)
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White Sands -- Necklace SOLD

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It's simple, sweet and the perfect go-to piece when you just want a little something on. Make it casual or dress it up with the sassy black dress.

Made from petite genuine freshwater coin pearls and accented with our pounded silver piece.

16" with a 2" extender.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Cherry -- Necklace SOLD

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One more for the Colors Collection....

You didn't think we were forgetting about the RED did you?  
We LOVE RED and it's perfect anytime of the year.  These featured pieces from today and yesterday are so much fun to wear yet they are simple, easy and will be the perfect touch to any casual day.

Made from Red coral and sterling silver accents (don't you love the keys?)
16" with a 2" extender