Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Cinqe Terre - Inspiration for This Week's Pieces

 Riomaggiore, Town #1, the view from our window. I never tire of seeing the daily laundry.  Love it!
 Riomaggiore's waterfront and fishing dock.  Life is quiet and simple in these great little towns.
 Looking up into Manarola, Town #2
My girls loved these rocks for jumping into the Sea - no need for diving boards when you have cool rocks like these, right?
 After climbing up 385 steps, you enter the town of Corniglia, Town #3. Only one way up and one way down.  
 Leaving Corniglia and connecting through a 2 mile hike to our next town.
 Entering town #4, Vernazza!  My personal favorite of the 5 towns.  It was over the top charming, the best Focaccia bread in the world and a Sicilian baker who can make one delicious Cannolli and fabulous fresh fruit slushies.
 I wanted to take one home with me.....
 Me and my girlies hanging out on our favorite beach in Vernazza
 I do love how the Italians just enjoy their lives and spend alot of time talking - the everyday scene from out our front window.
Leaving the Cinque Terre with many fond memories and a hope that one day we will return.


Lisa said...

Beautiful!!! So weird because I was thinking of you this weekend! We took a cruise through Italy, Greece & Turkey-We fell in love with everything! Such a wonderful experience for your family!! Glad to see you again.

Si said...

Oh how I wanted to hike through thte CT when I visited Italy last year, but we ran out of time. I think it is a trip on its own. Your photos are beautiful, and now I'm thinking I have to go there. Maybe next year! :) thanks for sharing!