Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sandy Beach -- Necklace $56.00

For that woman who is looking for that perfect neutral piece! It's filled with Calcite, golden freshwater pearls and sterling silver. The originality with the diagonal pendant looks so cute and you will have no problem finding that perfect outfit to match this! 16"
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Nickolus Roy said...

Hi Cydney,

This is Nick, the wholesale guy at the bead place. I'm writing you because aside from being a gemstone guy, I'm also a blog enthusiast.

You have a really cool blog and I see that you post regularly, so I wanted to inform you about May 01, which is RSS awareness day.

The idea is to expose your readers and anyone you can to RSS. I'm sure you have plenty of regular customers that would love to find out as soon as you post to your blog. Follow the link I left above to find out more about RSS feed awareness day and what resources you can give your fans to teach them about RSS feeds.

I wish you a lot of success with your beautiful jewelry.