Monday, April 27, 2009

Confetti IV -- Bracelet SOLD

Amazing new stones to spice things up!

Confetti with a Twist!
Orange Turquoise
When hunting and searching for the right pieces.... we always find unique stones to make a twist on what has been so popular! Confetti IV is fabulous and has such amazing style, cuteness and fun. We love that we keep finding this beautiful Orange Turquoise, isn't it great? Plus, the white turquoise has a faceted ripple effect which reminds us of white pumpkins, along with the olive jade, faceted black onyx, Swarovski Crystals and Red Coral, it's a true collection of fun!
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Jazlyn Feild said...

Hi I am interested in buying the Kaleidoscope bracelet do you have any left? I am a stay at home mom and like to mess around with little jewlery projects, where can I find unique stones at a good price?
Thank You,

julie said...

this is beautiful- you really kicked up confetti a notch! i love orange....

Nan said...

I love the orange...can it be its own necklace with just a silver chain on either side? If so, I would like to buy it.