Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Red Ginger -- SOLD, will take orders (Red Turquoise)

Perfectly Beautiful!

Classic & Simple
Red Ginger, Thank you Rachel for the Great Name!

We have a beautifully simple piece for you today that is full of genuine dyed Raspberry Red turquoise. It's a wonderful stone, so beautiful and classic. It has the perfect fit right at the base of your neck and works perfectly with your Fall wardrobe. 16" with a 2" extender.

Thank you Everyone for the Great Names! Rachel, you are today's winner with

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Carol M said...

Very pretty. I would name this Rasberry Sattin.

Anonymous said...


I absolutely love it!
Angie K.

Anonymous said...

Red Delicious!

I'm forwarding the necklace to my husband to!

julie said...

Red Rocks -or- Razzleberry

tollestrupfamily said...

hot tamales
red ginger
Indian Sun or Indian summer

They are beautiful!

McCain Family said...

Caliente or Fiery!

camcrew said...


Jennifer said...

Ruby Red

Jennifer said...

Crimson Delight

LisaMay said...

"Red Hots"
"Cranberry Crush"
"Raspberry Jubilee"

Amy said...

Raspberry Road
Autumn Red
Holly Berry(ies)

Anonymous said...


Round Robin or Red Canyon, or Razzle Dazzle

Anonymous said...


Cherry Jubilee

Anonymous said...

Pomegranate is Pomegranate season :)