Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cancun -- Necklace SOLD

Perfect for Summer, Cancun just screams of fun, bold and little on the wild side. You will get a whole lotta color with this cutie and enjoy opportunities all throughout the year to wear it against anything white, brown, orange, green or khaki. Made from an array of dyed turquoise stones and set off with golden swarovski crystals and the fabulous and rustic silver pendant. 15 1/2" inches with a 2" extender
(there is slight variation from piece to piece as all of the stones are not exactly the same)
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Carol M said...

I'm in luv!! Cancun is delicious. I can see it with four different outfits in my closet...I may have to call you! These colors would be great in the longer necklaces that you're starting to do.

The Ball Babies said...

I want this necklace but for some reason I click on the icon and it won't let me get an e-mail sent to you!!! Umm, could you please e-mail me your e-mail address? I've simply got to have this beauty!!!


Kris Ball