Friday, May 8, 2009

Celebrating Women! Time to Spread the Love

Thank you for sharing all your amazing and wonderful comments about the great women in your lives. We are so lucky to be surrounded by such great mom's, work-out partners, friends, co-workers and sisters! Thank you for taking the time to share!!!

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Lets celebrate Mother's Day
and women from all over the world who are special in our lives!
We would like to dedicate this week to them!

Last year, we had such an overwhelming response to our Celebrating of Women Week, that we are doing it again and, we would LOVE to hear from you! I know that everyone enjoyed reading the beautiful comments.

You have until Sunday, May 10th at 9p.m. PST to share your thoughts and stories and then we will select at random a lucky winner to receive one of our beautiful Kaleidoscope Bracelets!

We can't to wait to hear what you have to say, so remember to just click on the word "comment" just below this post, write in the text box provided and then click publish. Or, you can always email me your tribute and then I will post it for you!

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JenniferOleksy said...

Women are AMAZING. They have so many gifts that are unique only to them. After having my first child a few months ago, and watching my husband interact with him, I realized that, as good a father as he is, there will never be anyone like the Mama. God truly endowed women with the ability to nurture, love, soothe, and endure to the end (that translates to getting up all night, letting a baby suck on seriously sensitive parts of your body, and STILL taking the dog for a walk the next day). Women are strong and powerful beyond measure. They amaze me.

SWIRL said...

What I love about women (girlfriends) is the ablility we have to "be real" but still be a soft place in a harsh world.

I am so inspired by other women- who are just doing their best, it makes me want to try harder to be better.

Pam V said...

I work-out early in the morning, 5:30 am to be exact. There is a core group of amazing women that attend the same class. The group is more than a work-out group. About every other month someone plans a get-together... eats or a movie. It is a great chance to see everyone in a social setting and we all look soooo much better than we do at 5:30 am! They are a remarkable group of women who help keep me on a healthy track!

Rae said...

In honor of Mother's Day and women in general, I want to write about foster moms! This is an amazing group of women who open not only their homes but their hearts to children in need. I had the privilege of being a foster mom for 3 years. I met some of the most awe inspiring women in the world. But I must talk about the woman who made me jump into the world of foster parenting: my own mom. When I was a senior in high school she and my father became licensed foster parents. That last year I was home was magical as I watched my mom mother and love all of the different little ones (and not so little ones) that came through her door. I am grateful for these special women who think of themselves second and care for God's children first!

McCain Family said...

My best friend lost her battle TO brain cancer at the age of 35. She fought this terrible desease for 5 years, endured 5 craniotomies, chemo, radiation and gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby girl right in the middle of it all, and continued her engineering career. She fought this battle with a smile on her face and lived life to it's fullest, never giving up on hope, prayers and love. She is my inspiration and my angel. A perfect example of an AMAZING WOMAN!

AnneEdwards said...

I am thankful for being a woman because I then hold a piece of the strength, courage, and love that my Mother has given me in my heart, and spirit. My mother gave me those qualites by living them daily in her life. She is an amazing woman and I hope that each woman has had someone to mentor them to be the best that they can be.

TinaM said...

I work in a children's hospital and every day I witness women never giving up on their children. No matter how bleak the situation looks to the rest of us, mom always has hope and can see the potential for healing.
I know that there are many times that medicine has nothing to do with the healing of a's god's hand manifested in unwavering mother's love.

Brandee said...

In my life I am surrounded by amazing women. A mother who has shown me grace, strength and never faltering faith. A friend who inspires me each day to be a better woman, mother and friend. Another friend who oozes with talent. Her photography, first published book and amazing mothering skills.

I am so lucky to have such special women in my life. Girls must stick together!

Happy Mother's Day Ladies!

SavvyGirl said...

From, Julie

i am thankful every day to be a mother. whether it is cooking in the kitchen with my kids, watching our garden grow ...or just picking out a favorite book at the library. it is a blessing to be able to make memories with them and live many fun parts of childhood all over again....

i have always felt that my Mom gave me 2 own..AND hers... and now i am hoping to do the same for my children.

Tanya said...

My Mother-in-law is an amazing person. She always made each of her eight children feel like they were a favorite and well loved. She has done the same with the in-laws. An amazing mother of patience that has a gift of serving her children! We love you Kathy. Tanya

Rachel said...

A few of the most important women in my life are dealing with some of the most horrendous situations in life. These women have always been my strength, my supporters. They are showing me their strength now more than ever. Their determination and grace while facing each and every day has inspired me beyond belief. These women are amazing. Women are amazing and I am so proud.