Monday, May 18, 2009

The Caliente Colletion! Necklaces - SOLD

We have selected the Name for our RED Coral and RED Turquoise Collections and it's Caliente!
Thanks to Donna McCain for the great suggestion for this Collection. Each of the Name GAME Participants will receive $5.00 OFF of their next purchase and FREE Shipping!
Thank you for Participating, please reference Name Game with ordering via Email!
Red Coral Chips Featured with the .925 Sterling Silver Fleur De Lys Pendant
and her new name is Flor!

Red Coral Chips featured with the .925 Sterling Silver Hearts Collide Pendant
and her new name is... Amor!

Both Necklaces Featured Together
We have two necklaces from the same red coral stone collection that need your help. While they look similar they both have their very own personality based on which pendant you go with.
Pendant #1 is the Fleur De Lys -- Flor! is her new name
Pendant #2 is the Hearts Collide Pendant -- Amor! is her new name!

We would LOVE to KNOW what you YOU THINK this "Collection" should be called AND the individual names for each piece. As always, underneath the post, click on the word comments and leave us your name suggestions or send us an email with your name and comments.

You will have until Wednesday Night at 9PM PST to share your NAME SUGGESTIONS!

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diane said...

1. moulin rouge
2. ooh la la love

McCain Family said...

Caliente Collection:
Pendant #1: Flor!
Pendant #2: Amor!

Button said...

Here are some french names that remind me of twins - so alike - yet so different



The Delima Dilemma... said...

Good luck finding the right names that best match your pieces. They are beautiful, as are all your others.

Pendant #1: Floressa Wine or Floretta Wine (Floressa and Floretta are French flowers)

Pendant #2: Cranberry Love

SavvyGirl said...

From Lori

Here are my suggestions!


Majestic Royalty


Royal Lily
Royal Hearts

tollestrupfamily said...

hot tamale
blood of the rose (Scottish)
hot lava

SavvyGirl said...

Thank YOU for all of the great names for our collection!! Each of you have just earned $5.00 off of your next purchase. Just reference Name Game when you email us with your order.