Sunday, January 17, 2010

The SavvyGirl Signature -- SOLD

My FAVORITE Bracelet is back with us for a short-stay.
I know that it may seem a little unusual, but trust me when I tell you this, YOU WILL LOVE IT! Many of our SavvyGirl clients have purchased other versions to this sweetie and will always tell me how much they wear it and love it.

It is definitely one of my daily go-to bracelets, thus the name SavvyGirl Signature!

Made from Mother of Pearl shells, Swarovski Crystals, silver accents and more.
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Amy Etherington said...

I have this bracelet, and it is my very favorite. I wear it with everything, from jeans with a T, to something for a nice evening out. You will love it!!!

Kim W said...

I totally want this bracelet! Any chances you can save it for after the holidays??? :)