Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Speckled Fire -- Necklace SOLD

It's Hot, Fun and So Sassy.
Definitely, add this cute one into your Fall collections.
Wear it casual or dress it up for dinner out.

Made from speckled dyed red turquoise and mixed with one .925 piece of sterling silver set just off to the side.
16" with a 2" extender

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~Dana said...

This is beautiful!

Julie Overstreet said...

I just found your site via my friend, Amanda's blog "Living in the Boot." We moved from Naples in April of this year. I am sure you will love it there!
This red crackly necklace is fabulous! I'm trying to picture 16" - about where does that fall on the neck/chest? Also, is the 2" extender made of the same turquoise?
If you're interested, I started a website while there and wrote about many of our trips, etc. ( I just posted an article about a picnic and mentioned a really great winery in Montalcino but for most of our Italian adventures, you'll have to go back to the posts from Feb 2009-Mar 2010). Oh, amost forgot....the website address is: http://www.deepredcellar.com