Monday, December 21, 2009

Polar Express -- Necklace SOLD

We have two different Necklaces featured in this post.
Both are the same stone wise except for the placement of the pendant.
Take and look and see!

Polar Express #1
has the black stone pendant featured right in the center.
16" with a 2" extender
Polar Express #1 laid flat
Polar Express #2 - SOLD OUT
has the stone pendant featured as a dropped pendant.
16" with a 2" extender
Both pieces are fabulous, it just depends upon the style you prefer. Do you like the pendant to drop or stay placed right in the center of the piece?

"Polar Express" is such a nice wintry necklace that looks beautiful against your purples, grays, winter whites and more. Made from swirled black agate, pearlized gray mother of pearls and silver accents.

When ordering, just remember to specify if you want #1 or #2.


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