Friday, April 9, 2010

Golden Sunset -- Necklace SOLD

Thinking about dressing up that simple T or crisp white cotton shirt?  Add in a denim jacket with our Golden Sunset and you will be set for making a chic and stylish statement.

Made from our golden freshwater Biwa pearls, freshwater potato pearls, crystals and silver accents.
The pendant is another fabulous stone from Brazilian agate.
16.5" with a 1" extender
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dixie said...

dear savvy girl...

i JUST got this as a gift from my mom today for mother's day. i LOVE it so much! this is my 1st ever savvy girl piece! i've looked at your site for a long time but never treated myself. i do realize that you usually make matching earrings to your necklaces but i didn't see any to this necklace. any suggestions???

SavvyGirl said...

Dixie: Yes, I would suggest today's earring Golden Dew -they would look beautiful together! I am so happy to get to enjoy a new piece from SavvyGirl! Hope you had a great Mother's Day.