Friday, June 18, 2010

SavvyGirl is Moving to Italy....

Yes, it's true -- we are headed out on an amazing adventure!
SavvyGirl is Moving to Naples, Italy -- I hope we have view this fabulous!  
Wouldn't that be wonderful?
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The San Diego workshop is packed up and on it's way half-way around the world!
You have probably been wondering where we have been this past week and I apologize that we have not been featuring new pieces.  It was moving week and my personal life was CRAZY.  I am sure if you have ever moved before, you can relate!  While I have never lived abroad, our family is looking forward to this new adventure.  My husband Damon was offered a new position in Naples for the next two years and we felt like it will be an opportunity of a lifetime for our family.

The GREAT NEWS is, SavvyGirl will be continuing (keeping shipping to a minimum - yippy) and we are looking forward to being inspired and renewed with new designs, expertise and exciting adventures to share with all of you!

Here is our proposed scheduled, we will feature all of our latest from California until June 30th - for the time being, custom orders will be limited as my supplies are at a minimal but still check in if you have any questions on specific pieces.

We will appreciate your patience as we officially move and get settled in during the month of July. It takes 90 days for our household items to reach us in Italy so, I will be anxious to share what we find as soon as I am up and running.  When I have updates, I will keep you all posted.    In addition,  I will be placing a link on this blog for you follow our personal Italian finds, fashion, travel, fabulous foods and of course  the amazing jewelry will be found right here!

Have a great day!
(Hanno un grande giorno)


tawnya said...

Cydney- I've been so excited for you guys and I can't believe moving day is here already! I hope you all have a lovely, lovely two years. I can't wait to hear all about Italy...

hello gorgeous said...

what a fabulous adventure you are embarking on Cydney! Hope all goes well with the move and setting up home, I too hope you get fantastic views like this one....what better way to help you settle in!

Can't wait to see your new designs, especially with an Italian twist, as I am sure the flavour of the city will creep in somewhere!

Good luck gorgeous! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Irene said...

I have been viewing your previous posts when I reached this page. Wow, what a beautiful adventure. Enjoy!
We visited Naples last Easter. It is a wonderful city. Simply amazing. I think the Archaeological Museum is the best I've ever seen-and I am an Arcaheologist by training!..So much inspiration around you. You should be able to do great things with your art.
All the best,